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  1. To whom it concerns, I am currently a student of the Design and Arts College of NZ and I am studying some of our more well known lady photographers and have found that I would enjoy the chance to interview Ms Westra about her life and times and the great work that she has given to the world to admire.
    I am particularly interested in the story behind the book Washday at the Pa. I am working and an image in a similar genre to this and it is much better to get information directly from an artist rather than relying on second hand articles that may have been reformed into the interviewees on words.
    Any help you maybe able to provide would be very much appreciated.
    Aaron Thompson

  2. I agree with The Zhush…the more I look, the more I like! This is fab! Great post. Now following 🙂 WillP.S. Thank you for your lelovy comments on my blog, too.

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