New Interiors by Jane Gray

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The slideshow above demonstrates Jane’s aesthetic prowess to craft bespoke, lush interiors. If you like what you see, send her through a form using the form below.

Hope Gibbons

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Hope Gibbons

Bach Series 1

Oil and Acrylic on Loose canvas
Protected with a plastic like seal this work can withstand the elements.

This is one of two panels.

Wine Box

Every year a few Hawkes Bay artists are invited to paint a wine box for auction raising funds for a local charity.  We dont mind doing this at all, and it is our way of giving something to our community.  Here are a couple of images of my box for this year’s auction.  I sadly have had no feed back, except from another artist on facebook, who thought it was a goodi……There was no notification of the auction date, or note of thanks, or even how much it brought the charity.