Interiors With Art

Small Spaces
Placing the Art
Bespoke furniture
Extending Dining Table from Frontal Lobe also here is a hide away stair.
Small Calm spaces are very comforting
Shelving for the art
Personalised HeadBoard Created from Mason Handprints wallpaper.
Lighting the art Naturally is a bonus
Art Gallery hallway

Interesting ways to Light your home

Jane Gray Painting on PVC Canvas in private residence Omaha Beach

This is a painting from way back in a client’s house I spotted recently
I do Take Commissions in all my specialties, but they can take awhile but its worth it - Art forever
Splash Back
Commissioned for a Home in Black Barn, Havelock North
Splash Back

Ceramic ‘Box of Fluffys ‘ Jane Gray Ceramic with feathers in a Matakana Home

Jane Gray Firewood Series ‘Unspoken Word’ at home in Matakana

Pent House Remera Auckland City

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