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Jane Is represented by :

Art Matakana, Matakana  https//

Flagstaff Gallery, Devonport Auckland –

Tennyson Gallery, Napier, Hawkes Bay –

Contact through the website too for purchasing ‘Available Art’

Also Jane’s paintings can be hired from Mobile Art, Auckland, and Art Hire, Janet Knighton, Hamilton.

To make contact with Jane please send mail directly to :-

Mobile: +64212458500


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  1. Hi Jane

    Love your work from the days you use to have it at Paul’s King & Teppet in Palmerston North

    1/ We would be interested in what you have for sale currently

    2/ We run a major property site in NZ – perhaps we could get you on that in a big way promoting your business and look at a contra arranegment?

    PS we have a very loyal Property Focused viewers who would suit your target market well



    1. Hi Jimmy

      I am updating this web site and have just put up an available painting – have a look and see if my new work appeals? Look forward to hearing from you- Jane

  2. Dear   Jane

    I have contacted you in the past about inclusion in our books and art shows  but I have not heard back from you. Have you received my message?
    I am pasting it below again. I would appreciate if you let me know.

    I came across your art  though your website and I liked it so I would like to invite you to submit  your portfolio for inclusion in Current Masters, International Contemporary Masters and Important World Artists  three leading juried annual art publications presenting noteworthy artists and photographers from all over the world.

    We have a large distribution and the purpose of the book is to promote the artists in it. Besides delivering it for free to galleries, art collectors, museums, etc. we distribute free copies to all visitors and exhibitors in art shows that we participate, such as Spectrum-Red Dot in Miami, Art Expo New York, Art San Diego and more. Only artists who are up to the standards of our art committee are selected.  

    As a result, the artists in our books are approached by many galleries to exhibit their art.

    Please note that inclusion in the books is not free. Approved artists must pay a participation fee which varies according to the number of pages of the artist’s presentation.
    Galleries, agencies and groups of 2 or more artists receive special discounts.

    Artists appearing in the book are invited to participate in the exhibition organized by WWAB at the Metropolitan Gallery Art Museum in Las Vegas, dedicated to each new volume.

    You can review our previous books on our site wwab .us (to visit the website you can type the address in your browser)
    If you are interested, I can send you detailed information.

    We also represent artists in art fairs like NY Art Expo, Art San Diego, Red Dot and Spectrum in Miami. If you’d like to show with us in any of these shows, I can send you the details.

    Besides, we have a tremendous art portal,  artavita .com  where artists can create their portfolios for free and sell their art directly to their clients, paying no commissions to anyone! Regardless of inclusion in the books, you can use artavita for your free portfolio and art announcements.

    Thanks for reading and have a great day!

    Matt Benson — Assistant Curator 

    World Wide Art Books Inc.

    5533 Cathedral Oaks Road
    Santa Barbara, CA 93111
    United States
    Tell 805 770 5136 and 5137

    *World Wide Art Books  was established in 1997 and we have represented and promoted thousands of artists.
    In BBB (Better Business Bureau), an organization providing information for every company in the US, we are rated as A+ without one single complain all these years. 
    You can find the link on our website. 
    If you click on it, you will find all the information about our company.

  3. Invitation Letter –

    Dear Jane!

    Greetings! On behalf of LIVEFORARTS, I would like to invite you to explore the world of art with us and enjoy the facilities exclusively provided to you. It is the place where we promote creative people worldwide, helping them to sell art items, share ideas, meet craftsmen in the same field of activity and many other interesting things. We aim to expand as the largest community of artists from all over the world. LIVEFORARTS offers the best services to our members and highly represents them to all of our visitors and buyers. Therefore, we are providing our customers with a FREE FOREVER PLAN to have access to the services. The following services will be provided:

    Portfolio Feature: As registered members, artists will be able to create a portfolio of works for sale.

    Account Statistics: All details about visits and interaction with the audience wil be displayed in the account.

    Profile Details Translated: Profile details (such as gender, field of activity, etc.) will be translated in all available languages on the website.

    Profile Visits: Our artists will receive hundreds of daily visits from our community and potential buyers interested in their work.

    Protected Content: All the content that artists upload in their account is protected against downloading and copying.

    E-Mail Support Available 24/7: We are available at your service 24 hours to solve your issues.

    We will look forward to your positive response to our cordial invitation. Thank you.

  4. Hi Jane, I messaged you on Facebook about a month ago when you posted some images of work. I have always loved your paintings of faces and kick myself as to why I never purchased your painting “Heads Above Water” when I had it in my gallery. I owned the Red Moa Gallery in Carterton in the Wairarapa. Are you going to have any originals coming up for sale and approximately what sort of price would the be.
    Kind regards
    Andrea Johnston

    1. Dear Andrea,
      dont know how I missed your message sorry. There is a painting that may suit you at Matakana Gallery –
      “Clear Thinking” This is bright and has the 2 pot resin finish – They may do a deal as you were a dealer for me once, have asked…. This work is on their website for $4700 – it is really nice and it prob. is on this website too.
      also the last painting for the year is now on my instagram page this is a couple and is painted in oil and cold wax with gold pigment. 900sq $3000 direct from me.

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